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We help hardworking dedicated scientific individual to turn into a successful bio-business professional with in-depth analytical skills. We do not teach or impart new theories –but bring out common sense of the business-sense that is already exist within the scientific traits - Scientific professional are the best business professional-when trained properly. That’s one of the reasons why McKenzie has so many scientists in their firm who are providing strategic business development service to who’s who in the field.

R&D - R belongs to universities and D belongs to biopreneurs

We have a simple suggestion for scientific researchers or the professionals of bio-related business who are considering to start a biotech business - please stay away from the research-oriented projects and focus on the development of invention into a product. Research is very expensive and also the most exploratory affair. Biopreneurs have neither the resources nor the prestige to do research as part of the business. Critical differential strategy (proprietary protocol of biopreneure) is in identifying a good technology that has market value. Biopreneurs may consider developing technology termed as orphan drug as a niche marketing strategy.

For a new biopreneur, the development of a product based on a well-proven and protected scientific discovery from a university laboratory is a very viable path. The biopreneur should bring the inventor and the professor of such technology into his/her team. Generally speaking, the biopreneur may need the full support from the inventor and the professor, at least, for the first two years. Moreover, full access to the inventor’s laboratory is critical for further development of the technology up to a point where the proof of concept is complete.




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