Biopreneur provides coaching and counseling to the entrepreneurs

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Dr. Ryan Baidya

The President of Biopreneur

Dr. Baidya has an overall 10+ years of experience in the bioventure business development. He founded BioZak, Inc. in 1999 and served as one of the founding management for the past five years. more...




About Biopreneur

Biopreneur is a consortium established by Dr. Ryan Baidya, a career entrepreneur, who coined the term biopreneur in 1998.  Later he made the term more familiarize through his yearlong column in a magazine Called Bioventure, published in Tokyo.

Biopreneur is for the people who wish to learn more about biotech business, start their own, increase their wealth by investing in biotech business and simply enjoy being part of a highly intellect driven industry. 

Biopreneur provides coaching and counseling to the entrepreneurs who wish to start their own bio-business.  Biopreneur also offers critical strategic business development support to the biotech businesses in USA and Japan. 


To promote understanding of biosciences entrepreneurship, to encourage biopreneurs participates in collaborative business development and to guide investors through the maze of opportunities in the biosciences industry.



Develop a platform where freshmen and seasoned biopreneurs communicate and shares their knowledge and wisdom that they have learned hands-on.


Develop means for the individual and institutional investors have access to true understanding of triple-bottom line return concept and opportunities that a biotech business can offer for their life and their grand children lives.


Develop training, and mentoring programs by the biopreneurs for the biopreneurs.


Develop mechanism to work with economic development agencies for local and global economic-equity and human health.


Biopreneur serves as a focal point for bringing together scientists, businesspeople and investors and plays a major role .in promoting the education and training of people with biotech zeal.




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