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Crossing the Boundaries

There is little bit entrepreneur-ism in every one of us. In some it gets activated in other it gets transformed into something else depending upon the environment and the time. Late 20th century and beginning of 21st century is the time for entrepreneur-ism or venture-ism. Venture-ism comes from the urge to be free – like “born to be free” & “born to be wild”. From birth we are free to think to do whatever best fit for us. However, total freedom comes with economic freedom. Quite often entrepreneurs begin ventures seeking to achieve economic freedom using creative and exploratory minds. New edge entrepreneurs are almost falls in this category.

Biopreneurs are generally bio-scientists with practical disciplined. However, many physicists, mathematicians, economists, financiers, and liberal arts experts become successful Biopreneurs too. Biopreneurs from the non-bioscience field normally focus on the business aspect of the bioventure while Biopreneurs from the biosciences field could drive the both the business as well as sciences.

Crossing the scientific frame of mind to a more disciplined-business frame of mind could be very challenging and exciting. Since scientists’ mind always appreciate good challenges, we see more and more good scientists becoming good Biopreneurs these days. Researchers are very focused and goal oriented this trait when mold into the time-value-money concept could produce excellent Biopreneurs. Crossing one discipline to another is not difficult but require willingness and drive to move forward. Those who wish to venture into the biotech field may acquire a good understanding of the entire biotech process not just a single biological process and/or a functions of a particular enzyme or molecule. The scientist and the non-scientist with no or limited exposure to the Biotech field can quite easily expand their understanding of the entire drug discovery process and business aspects of it. The following are the highlights that make the biotechnology industry unique and somewhat mystic. :

It is not humanly possible to become proficient in all the area of a bioventure, however, biopreneurs should master as many as they can and acquire a good understanding of all the fields.  Biopreneurs were found to be successful who has more than one expertise and were able to bring in people in their team with expertise that the biopreneurs did not have at the time of inception.   Learning is a continuous process and biopreneurs are often gathered their understanding and strengthens theirs knowledge as they go along with the bioventure. 

Traits of a researcher and a Businessperson

Table to compare researcher and business people


Biopreneur (Science+ Business)

Determinant & Stubborn



Ambitious with realism

Problem solver

Problem Solver & Delegater

Unbound Explorer

Disciplined Exploration

Risk taker

Risk Taker & Hedger

Leadership (some of them)

Leadership & Team Player

Cheer leader (some of them)

Cheer leader

Sales person (some of them)

Sales person

Hard worker

Hard worker





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