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Dr. Ryan Baidya the President of Biopreneur

Dr. Ryan Baidya

Meet the President of Biopreneur

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Dr. Ryan Baidya / Biopreneur is an in-house counselor for the Silicon Valley small Business Development Center (SBDC).    SBDC is a non-profit organization funded by SBA, State of California and City of san Jose; and provides business support to the venture companies (IT, software and Biotech).


Biopreneur works with JETRO incubation center and provides counseling to its incubees (venture companies). 


As a part of the biotech business-teaching member of the University of California, Berkeley, Extension, Biopreneur taught “Integral Role of Marketing in a Successful Biotechnology Company”.


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Biopreneur: "The Molecular Millionaires"

Biopreneur is a consortium established by Dr. Ryan Baidya, a career entrepreneur, who coined the term biopreneur in 1998.  Later he made the term more familiarize through his yearlong column in a magazine Called Bioventure, published in Tokyo. More......


Resources and Benefits

Biopreneur serves as a focal point for bringing together scientists, businesspeople and investors and plays a major role. In promoting the education and training of people with biotech zeal.


Join biopreneur and receive following benefits:


Receive mentorship through e-counseling, phone consultation and in-person meeting.


Get critical analysis and feedback for your business plan, strategic marketing plan and new product development.


Access USA- market through networking and partnership.


Receive preliminary information on setting up business in USA.


Access to seasoned Advisor and directors for your corporation.



Larta Institute JICA
Cisco Systems•San Jose Entrepreneur Center Silicon Valley Small Business Development Center


EPPIC – 2010 Annual Conference


Emerging Trends and Opportunities in Life Sciences


The EPPIC annual life science conference combines networking, mentoring and keynote lectures and panel discussions on current topics.  The annual conference also focuses on promoting cross-border (US-India) collaborations and attracts multiple individuals and organizations interested in leveraging potential synergies.


Date: Sunday, January 10, 2010 Venue: Crowne Plaza-Cabana Hotel, 4290 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA


2009 Life Sciences Venture Forum


Experts and Evangelists at the 2009 Life Sciences Venture Forum

Join Biopreneur/California Takshila University at the 2009 Life Sciences Venture Forum, the premier event where industry leaders and emerging companies have converged for the past 15 years.

As a member of Biopreneur you will receive 30% discount on your registration fee. Use coupon code NTWVF09 for a 30% discount.


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What do the biotech experts have to say about the book ….


Mahadev Murthy, Ph.D., MBA.

Program Director at National Institutes of Health
Wasington DC, USA

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“Biopreneurs: The Molecular Millionnaires” is superbly written in a simple format that can be understood even by non-technical persons despite incredible complexities of the biotechnology ventures. Remarkable advances in bioscience during the last decade have further spurred the imagination of entrepreneurs, who often tend to be global thinkers, adventurous, risk takers and market makers despite the odds.  more...

Ulf Landegren, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor at Uppsala University
Stockholm Area, Sweden


“As my lab has spun out five companies I have had reason to think about these matters. I will introduce your book to students who want to acquaint themselves with entrepreneurial considerations… more...


More comments...



Biopreneur: The Molecular MillionairesBiopreneur: The Molecular Millionaires


It is considered that the bio-business is going to be the fastest growing sector of the world economy during this century. Some even designate the 21st century as the bio-century.


Price: US$ 35.50


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